Shout out from Pastor Phil!

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Pastor Phil, Danielle’s dad, and the rest of their family (siblings) will be with us this Sunday! Come and meet them if you haven’t yet and get ready for an amazing time of worship and praise and then a word from God through Pastor Phil!!

Prior to assuming the pastorate of Christ Life Church, My family and I lived in Nashville, Tennessee, where I served as an Associate Pastor at Christ Church Nashville. Before relocating to Nashville in 2003, we launched a Church called Solid Rock Ministry on Long Island in 1988 and pastored there for 16 years. Prior to moving to the New York area, we pastored in Terre Haute, Indiana, assisted in Dearborn, Michigan, and traveled extensively throughout the United States, ministering in approximately 200 churches in one year.

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Join us at 9am or 11am! Children’s ministries and childcare available!