Need Energy? Drink This Green Smoothie!

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Need Energy? Drink This Green Smoothie!

Lets face the facts …. we live in a culture that SUCKS the energy out of us and more often than not, we eat totally junk to get more energy which is the total opposite of what we SHOULD be doing!

If we are TOTALLY HONEST we have succumb to the advertising machine ….. I AM GUILTY …. if I am lacking energy …… I grab a Venti Starbucks Bold Coffee and I love it until the caffeine disappears and I am left lagging again.


2 Bananas

1 Gala Apple, chopped

1 Pear, quartered

1 C Kale or Spinach

1/2 C water

> Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until combined!


This smoothie will IMMEDIATELY increase your energy, metabolism and even detoxify your big old hunking slab of meat you haul around the whole day.

Danielle and I often make a Green Smoothie or a Kale Shake for breakfast with enough left over for a mid-morning snack. The amazing part of this is that when I have this Green Smoothie or even the Kale Shake I don’t have mid-morning hunger pangs.

Need Energy? Drink This Green Smoothie!

Grab my Kale Shake recipe here.

If you have any other great recipes I would love to have you comment below.