Nancy .. lived off of 5 boiled eggs

Pastor Brendon Church, Hurricane Sandy 3 Comments


He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. (Psalms 147:3 NLT)

I can’t even begin to describe the sorrow that my heart feels for those effected by Hurricane Sandy. Only being in New Jersey for two months and witnessing the devastation that a hurricane could have, not just physically but spiritually. I’m not used to them, I was born and raised in California where we have sunshine and earthquakes, but God called me here, at first I wasn’t sure why, actually I am still not entirely sure, but I have to say that i feel very humbled right now as I recall looking upon a 72 year old woman, who’s life was turned upside down in less than 24 hours. A woman who selflessly decided to stay alone in her attic while Hurricane Sandy flooded her house. Nancy McGinnis not thinking of herself sent her son and dog to go into Somers Point to live with her sister, but decided to, as she describes it “go down with the ship.” I know most people think that it’s crazy to have stayed, but this woman has lived in this house all her life, not having changed a single thing. I am sure you can all agree that change isn’t easy, so imagine spending your whole life in one house, it’s all you know, it’s become apart of you, and to lose it would be like losing a limb, and to cut off that limb means replacing it with a prosthetic, although works the same it’s really not. Everything has changed for her. She didn’t lose her life and she is grateful for that, but the stress, the brokenness, and the fear of “now what,”  that spread across her face, is really what tells the story.

I looked upon, as Nancy sat down with Joyce Meyers Ministries’ film crew, the first set of tears began to stroll down her face, you could tell that she has tried to keep  it together, not wanting to show the brokenness, the pain, and again that fear of not knowing what to do next; its very humbling. My heart breaks for her, to the point of being speechless. I mean, I can sit here and tell you her story of how she only had 5 hard boiled eggs, and a Pepsi to survive off of for the 3 days that she was up in her attic. I can tell you how she had very minimal covering to keep her warm through the frigid nights, or that the only light she had was a light from a candle and a tiny AAA battery operated flashlight, which that might spark your interest, but that’s not what I witnessed. It was so much deeper than that.  I was shown her heart, I saw the beginning of restoration for her brokenness, and I saw how God was shining light and love into a life, that has been flipped upside down. I saw that through New Covenant Community Church, God was showing her that He cares for her, and has not forgotten about her.

I saw that through the time and efforts that the Church was and still is sowing, that they are planting seeds to show her the new beginning that God has brought into her life. That brings joy to my heart, and I can say that I am in Awe of Jesus, and ask that you are Praising God for the mighty work He is and continues to do in and through people during this time of need! PRAISE GOD!


Written by:

Shanon Carriere

(O.G.R. Productions)