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Moving Forward – Fasting

Fasting is giving up food or other things like TV, Facebook, or Internet for a period of time for spiritual purposes.

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Why we Fast

  • Fasting keeps our flesh (our natural man) weak and our spirit strong (our spirit man)fasting1
  • We fast to stay in tune with God; to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit
  • For miracles and supernatural breakthroughs
  • To see bondages broken in our lives
  • To receive healing and restoration
  • To prepare us for God’s movement in our lives

Types of Fasts

  • No food at all, just liquids, partial fast, or Daniel fast
  • Our heart attitude is what matters to God
  • Select the kind of fast that you are comfortable with

Practical Tips for Fasting

  • Have a clear goal; what is the purpose of the fast?
  • Prepare spiritually; are there things in your life that could keep you from hearing from God?
  • Decide what to fast.  If this is new to you, try beginning with one meal a day.
  • Prepare physically.  Check with your doctor if needed, eat smaller portions, cut out caffeine and sugar.

 Have you had experience with fasting?


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