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HEART FOR THE HOUSE is our annual Christmas Offering!

Who would have know that 4 months ago at the beginning of August as I jumped in my car and readied myself to drive 46hrs to our new church that God would be preparing all of us for a significant work in this local area!

Who could have dreamt that through one of the greatest disasters of this century, New Covenant Community Church would step up to the plate to lead in disaster recovery, relief and coordination with national agencies such as Crisis Response International, Hope Force International and Disaster Relief and Disaster Training (DRADT).

Each of these organizations commented on how our church responded with incredible hospitality, teamwork and passion to reach the community. Teamwork truly makes the dream work!

We have seen incredible teamwork as a church rallied to truly love on our community through countless hours of labor in homes devastated through the hurricane, preparation of innumerable meals for visiting teams or weary workers, prayers of grace and mercy, incalculable hours of administration and answering phones to coordinate relief efforts to helpless people filled with fear and a lack of resources. I am truly overwhelmed at the incredible passion each of you have shown through this time.

New Covenant has a heart for this community and this has been proven over the last weeks as we have rallied to truly show people the hands, feet and heart of Jesus!

As we continue a two point approach in reaching out and reaching in we continue to focus of the healthy ministries of NCCC such as our growing kidz ministry, newly rebranded youth ministry – FourTwelve, the fresh re-launch of Save Have Café during the fall and so much more……….. the TIME IS NOW TO FOCUS ON GOD’S HOUSE!

Over the Christmas season analysts project we will spend more on gifts this year than ever before!

However, I believe that NCCC will choose to celebrate Christmas in a different way this year by having a Heart for the House.

We have two houses to focus on this year.

 1.    Chittoor Church & Orphanage – Chittoor India.

    •  Through Geoff Malan and Mission India we would like to direct 50% of our Heart for the House Christmas Offering to help Chittoor Church complete a small building to house the 25 orphans that they have in the church.

 2.    New Covenant Community Church

  • As we continue to see amazing growth in our adult, children and youth services we know that we need to provided additional resources to each department to continue to provide excellent environments for each age group.
  • As we continue to see the unchurched walk through our doors it is imperative that we provide a simply irresistible environment for each of them to hear the good news of Jesus Christ! Each of us through our gifts and talents have an incredible role to play in this part.


  • We encourage equal sacrifice this Christmas season, not equal giving. Choose to give because of what Jesus did for you and the promise of what He’s continuing to do in our lives.
  • We will be providing special envelopes for the Heart for the House Christmas Offering or give online using the designated ‘Heart for the House’ category.
  • We will be receiving the special offering on Sunday, December 16th

Something great is happening here at New Covenant Community Church!

You are an integral part of the mission!

Expectant to providing a safe, dry room for 25 orphans and continuing to provide relevant environments for the unchurched here at NCCC!

Lets IMPACT this community and the village of Chittoor, India this CHRISTmas season!