Local Outreach

“GO” is a vital role in our vision statement! We have partnered up with non profit organizations in this region to help support local causes! There are opportunities to use your time and talents to support one of our partners!

GO to all the Nations

By going on a global trip with Fusion, you are fleshing out our mission statement:

FUSION CHURCH, where God and life come together to
REACH those far from Jesus, EQUIP Christ followers and GO to all the Nations

June 22nd – July 2nd, 2019

Upcoming Trips

Dominican Republic

  • March 16th – March 22nd
  • May 19th – May 25th

Goal: Travel to Los Cocos in the Dominican Republic to help build two homes for needy families, conduct children’s ministry and environmental education, and share the Gospel with everyone that we meet.
Please contact Anne Dice at anne.dice@fusionchurch.cc for more information and to sign up!


  • June 22nd – July 2nd, 2019

Goal: Fusion will be serving with missions.me and their One Nation One Day Program:

  • Each day you’ll be teamed up with 10-15 of your new best friends from around the world under the supervision of highly trained Team Leaders and another 10-15 local team members.
  • Travel across your city and experience the people, the views, and the amazing culture.
  • At each site, your team will perform impacting dramas, share a message of hope, and inspire the dreams of the next generation. Those in the Influencer role will minister to school faculty.
  • Your ministry squad will reach three sites per day and have plenty of time at each time for ministry and prayer.

Go With Us

Be in prayer to confirm that God is calling you to serve on the missions trip.

If you do not have a US Passport, please click on the passport link below to print the passport application–please complete in its entirety. Below is a list of local post offices where you can take your application and required ORIGINAL documents and payment for processing.  Please do not delay this process!!

STEP 3:  
Begin raising money!! There are many different options to fundraising. There is Facebook, www.youcaring.com  where you can create a personalized fundraising page, write letters to send to friends and family for support–or use your own creativity. Please download the sample support letter, slip insert, and the Top 50 Potential Supporters. Collectively, as a group we will be doing fundraisers, but it is important that you raise your own money because it will help purchase your airline ticket, pay for your week’s stay, etc.

This is an exciting time in YOUR life where God will use YOU in a mighty way to share the name of Jesus; to be the hands and feet of Jesus and leave an imprint of His love on the hearts of those you will come in contact with. Are you ready? Are you ready to come out of your comfort zone?? If the answer is yes … download the forms on this page and let’s get it started!!

Missions Contact Form


If you want more information in regards to our missions opportunities, please fill out this form and we will be in contact with you.

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