At Fusion Church we believe the next generation of Christ-followers deserves our VERY BEST now! With so much fighting for their attention and energy? Why not try to get their minds on Jesus?! From infants to high school, we create environments that your kids will love. Fusion Church is committed to teaching the Bible through different services, events and venues to children at every stage of life. The best part is that it doesn’t stop at childhood. Teenagers and Young Adults will find a dynamic place to engage and grow at Fusion Church as well!


Fusion Kids is a place where faith, imagination, and learning go hand in hand. This is a place where kids can learn about Jesus and apply His word to their lives at every age and stage. Fusion Kids is available at every location and during every service for children birth through 5th grade.


Our mission is to equip youth to influence culture by becoming all that God has created them to be. At Friday events, students can expect games, worship, a relevant message, and a time for prayer and discussion. Whether students are long-term committed followers of Jesus or have never stepped into a church before – they will find a place to belong, have fun and be encouraged to grow closer to Jesus.