Draw a straight line to your goals by Henry Cloud

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This is a thought from Henry Cloud and has some incredible insight into achieving your goals!

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Henry Cloud - Boundaries

Thought for you: try to draw a straight line from your activities to the things you are trying to build in your life. It will give you a good view of how much you are investing in the things that matter to you.

For example, if you are trying to build a particular relationship, or a business, or your health, do an audit of your activities to see how much of what you are doing each day go directly towards that goal. Many, many times, we want something, but are not aware of how much time and energy we are investing in things that are totally not related to the goals and objectives that we care about the most.

If you do this for the last week or few weeks, you might find that there are a lot of things distracting you from investing in what you have decided really matters. Do the audit and see what you find.

In the end, what we invest intentionally into the areas of life that matter the most is what will count in realizing those dreams. That is the only way to make it happen, i.e. the parable of the talents. All we have in this life is our time and energy…..make sure it is getting spent where you want it.

Excerpt from Henry Cloud on Facebook