Daniel Fast – Day 8 – Truth Has a Name, Jesus

Pastor Brendon Church, Daniel Fast Devotional 4 Comments

 Truth Has a Name, Jesus

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.-(John 8:32)


When reading this verse I use to think that my study habits would bring about my freedom in Christ. Studying the word of God is what we are expected to do because we are disciples of Christ, but it’s just part of the process on the road to freedom. What brings freedom is intimacy with truth on a daily basis. You see, truth is more than just information given to us from Jesus or the authors of the Bible. Truth is the person Jesus Christ! Jesus didn’t waste His breath when He says in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life……..” When we are in love with Jesus and His word, freedom is manifested in our lives and the inner chains of our hearts that bind our souls are broken and we are released and set free! Let me explain. The word “know” in John 8:32 is the Greek word “ginosko” which has a few meanings. 1st is to understand, 2nd is to become acquainted with and 3rd is a Jewish idiom for intimacy between a man and his wife.

Jesus is giving us the formula to be free but we must hear and understand what He is saying. To be free there must be understanding of the teachings of Christ which is given to us by revelation through the Holy Spirit. But it doesn’t stop with understanding, it starts there. The key to freedom is to be intimate with “Truth.”

Jesus is “Truth!”

Here is something that might take some time for you to accept. God enjoys yours presence. God enjoys being around you and in you and wants to be part of your daily life. I couldn’t accept the fact that God, the King of the universe actually wanted to spend time with me, because I couldn’t even stand being around me.

I had trouble being intimate with the Holy Spirit because I didn’t love myself. I didn’t see myself as a Child of God, but saw myself unworthy of His love and His presence. I had an identity crisis! God enjoys your presence, do you enjoy His? Position yourself today and remove every distraction that will stop you from spending quality time with the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit that shows you who the Father is; it is the Holy Spirit that shows you who Jesus is. The Holy Spirit is waiting to give you revelation.

Confession: I am created to be intimate with Jesus and His word.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, help me to see Jesus clearly so I can be set free. Open the eyes of my heart and align my heart with the Fathers heart.