Daniel Fast – Day #6 – Faith to Move Mountains

Pastor Brendon Daniel Fast Devotional, Events 5 Comments


Get Out of My Way Mountain!

Death and life are in the power of the tongue- (Proverbs 18:21)


You have made it to day 6 of the fast! You’re doing awesome and keep running the race! There is an unseen battle that takes place every day for your mind because the devil knows if he can get you to think the wrong way, then he can get you to speak the wrong way. What I mean by speaking the wrong way is when our words do not line up with the word of God but line up with a negative perspective that will hinder break through from being manifested in our lives. I believe we underestimate the power of our words and how they can make or break the circumstances that we face.

Growing up I remember a saying that you will be very familiar with, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” I can’t express enough how untrue this is! The time spent in renewing our minds to change the way we think, is so that our words can match up with the word of God so we can see the hand of God move on our behalf. God tells us to speak to the mountain! He tells us to command the mountain to move!

Mountains can represent any problem you face and Jesus clearly states in Mark 11:23 to speak to your mountain. Faith is released when we speak the word of God over our situation and the supernatural will happen. Please understand what I am saying. I am not encouraging you to speak the word of God for your own selfish desires, but to speak to your mountain with faith filled words so that God gets all the glory.

When uncertainty is destroyed in our lives by Gods goodness, faith and love work together to manifest Gods power in our words and faith is released. This is not a onetime confession. We must confess Gods word over our lives daily! One time confessions don’t work, it’s a lifestyle because being consistent brings results!

Faith filled words move mountains! The time is now for the disciples of Christ to stop telling God how big their mountain is and to start telling their mountain how big their God is!

Confession: I am a mountain mover and my words will line up with the word of God.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, help me speak faith filled words today. Help me speak the answer instead of the problem.