Daniel Fast – Day 19 – Where is Your Heart?

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Where Is Your Heart?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21

Going through Financial Peace University was a serious wakeup call when it came to my finances. I remember the reality of the condition of my heart when it was time to start budgeting every month. Going through my bank statements was like watching a horror movie and I was the leading actor. The bank statements the months prior to me budgeting exposed my bad stewardship and exposed how I was eating the financial blessing God was giving to me without me even knowing it. I was spending $500 a month eating out in restaurants and that wasn’t including my monthly bills. I remember the conviction like it was yesterday and I had to make a change. I remember these words coming to my mind, Where is your heart?

This broke me and grieved my soul. Jesus tells us, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” And if we have trouble knowing where our hearts are, all we have to do is look at our monthly bank statements to see what we are investing in. So may I ask?

Are you investing financially into the kingdom of God? Are you investing financially into eternity? Are you investing financially into the souls that are far from Jesus so that God will be glorified? Where is your heart?

Position yourself today so the Holy Spirit can show you where your heart needs to be so you can be “All In” to see your community saved and transformed for the Kingdom of God.


Confession: I will invest financially into the Kingdom of God

Prayer: Holy Spirit, help me give financially into eternity.