Daniel Fast – Day #12 – You have been adopted!

Pastor Brendon Daniel Fast Devotional, Events 2 Comments

You Have been Adopted

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out “Abba, Father.” – (Romans 8:15)

Do you know who you really are? Do you know how love sick God is over you? Do you know how much you mean to Him? Did you know that God still loves you when you fail and make really bad choices? If you are uncertain on how to answer these important questions, then you don’t know who you really are.

The orphan mentality is running rapid in the body of Christ today. We don’t walk in confidence in Christ Jesus because the devil has stolen the knowledge of our identity in Christ Jesus. I have had my identity stolen at least 3 times, and let me tell you it’s not a fun situation to be in.  John 10:10 says that the thief (devil) comes to steal, kill, and destroy. If the devil can keep you uncertain that you are a child of God, he can torment you all the days of your life. You will never have peace of mind and never walk in the full confidence of your calling.

The devil wants you walking in frustration rather than walking in the Spirit. I walked in frustration for many years, I did ministry in frustration for many years until Romans 8:16 was manifested in my life. “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God.” I lacked the witness of the Holy Spirit to my spirit because I didn’t spend enough time with the Holy Spirit.  The more time you spend with the Holy Spirit, the deeper the revelation of the love of God will be poured into your heart. The Holy Spirit said these very words to me, “People don’t know who Jesus is because they don’t know who I Am.”

Ouch! I remember spending my quiet time with the Lord that day with a lot of tears and experiencing His burden for His Church.

How can we be lead by the Spirit of God if we don’t even talk to Him? This was the game changer for my life! We must position ourselves to allow the Holy Spirit to bear witness to our spirits that we are the children of God. This is where we need to start! Position yourself today to hear from the Holy Spirit, He wants to tell you who you really are.

Confession: I am a Child of God and He has adopted me into His family.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, tell me who I am. I need to get rid of this orphan mentality, please help me.