Daniel Fast – Day 1 – ALL IN

Pastor Brendon Daniel Fast Devotional, Events 19 Comments


All In!

“And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple”  (Luke 14:27)

The title “Christian” is used 3 times in the New Testament, and the titles disciple and disciples are used over 200 times. Statistics on religion in America claim that 73-80% Americans identify themselves as “Christians.” Even though the title Christian and disciples mean the same thing, over the years the title disciple has been removed completely from our vocabulary, and it has tainted the true definition of what it mean to be a true follower of Christ.

If I were to sum up the words of Jesus in Luke 14:27 in two words, it would be “All In!”  Jesus commands us to be “All In” for Him because He is “All In” for you!

And the fact that God loves you with all His heart, mind and strength should overwhelm you to the point that your heart is filled with so much thankfulness that nothing should stop you from giving Him your all. Jesus gives us the formula on how to be “All In” for the Kingdom of God.  To be “All In” means to deny yourself, carry your cross and to imitate Jesus. It’s why you exist! To be “All In” starts with a decision to take action, so be of good cheer because you reading this is the first step in the right direction.  I want to challenge you by asking you to not focus on the formula that Christ has given us, but to focus on the One who is “All In” for you!

These next 21 days will be a challenge but you are victorious in Christ. It will be hard at times but you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. People will get on your last nerve, but the Holy Spirit will remind you that they need to see Jesus in you. This 21 day fast will change your life and those around you. Please be encouraged because all of heaven is cheering you on, so run hard and run fast cause our King is waiting at the finish line for you.


Prayer: Holy Spirit, help me focus on my heavenly Father and not the formula. I need grace to get me through today so that I can represent Jesus well.

Confession: I want more of you God and less of me. I am “All In” for the Kingdom of God no matter what the cost may be.