“Before Fusion I was sure I was unlovable, alone and fearful. But then Fusion filled me with love, encouragement, grace and family. Where I am now is who God called me to be; not who I was when I first walked through Fusion’s doors. Because I was loved when it felt impossible to be loved I can now love and champion the next person the same way. We love because He first loved us.” - Andrea

“Before Fusion I was on a life long search for God but could never find Him. I was raise Catholic, so I learned who He was but that was it. Many churches later, I found Fusion with my son. The worship is what really hit me. In all my life never have I been so emotionally connected in church like i am during worship at Fusion. Im actually brought to tears on many occasions. I feel connected and feel like Im actually building a relationship with God. Im a baby in my faith but this time around something’ s holding me close. Since I have been going to Fusion my life seems more positive. More successes at work. My personal life is more relaxed and manageable. Im noticing a lot of things just going the right way now and I have never experienced that before. I have my doubts as always but now I’m able to pray and try to put my trust in God and have Him guide my way. To me, Fusion is the church I’ve been looking for since my early twenties! I listen to christian music to and from work everyday. I read the Bible and actually understand it now. That alone is a miracle! I have a long way to go, but I'm finally on my way.” - AJ
“I work with a group of teenage girls trying to help them have a healthy perspective about life. These girls come from various different backgrounds and some of them had big questions about life and God. After being invited to Fusion Church, we were excited to try it but could never have imagined the impact it would have had on the girls. On their fist Sunday all 10 of them received jesus and have now begun a new life in Him. Since then they have been baptized and become a part of the Fusion Students youth ministry. It’s remarkable to see how God has impacted them and what He’s continuing to do!”

“Before Fusion we were hurt by church. Immediately the first day we walked into Fusion, we felt at home. Then as we continued attending; through the Word being preached, the Word encouraged to be read, and the environment of people (imperfect like us, but trusting a perfect God) our healing process began. Through this process we both have received healing individually, in our marriage, and in our families. And now we have connected by serving on the Dream Team, leading a connect group and going on our first Missions trip to the Dominican Republic. We feel free, free indeed in Christ Jesus.” - John and Jennifer