Spiritual Journey

Day 110-21SaturdayScripture: Nehemiah 1:5Pray for: The Presence of God in YOUR Life
Day 210-22SundayScripture: Nehemiah 2:18Pray for: The Presence of God leading our REGION
Day 310-23MondayScripture: Nehemiah 3:1Pray for: Leadership
Day 410-24TuesdayScripture: Nehemiah 4:13Pray for: The Dream Team
Day 510-25WednesdayScripture: Nehemiah 5:7Pray for: THE GROUND
Day 610-26ThursdayScripture: Nehemiah 6:3Pray for: The Nation, The World
Day 710-27FridayScripture: Nehemiah 7:2Pray for: New Jersey
Day 810-28SaturdayScripture: Nehemiah 8:6Pray for: Leadership
Day 910-29SundayScripture: Nehemiah 9:19, 9:28Pray for: People Receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior
Day 1010-30MondayScripture: Nehemiah 10:35, 10:37Pray for: The Equipping/Empowering of the Church
Day 1110-31TuesdayScripture: Nehemiah 11:22Pray for: Weekend Services at Fusion Church
Day 1211-1WednesdayScripture: Nehemiah 12:27Pray for: THE GENERATIONS
Day 1311-2ThursdayScripture: Nehemiah 13:22Pray for: People in Growth Track
Day 1411-3FridayScripture: Ezra 1:2Pray for: People being Baptized
Day 1511-4SaturdayScripture: Ezra 2:68Pray for: Leadership
Day 1611-5SundayScripture: Ezra 3:11Pray for: Connect Groups
Day 1711-6MondayScripture: Ezra 4:4Pray for: Families INSIDE and OUTSIDE Fusion Church
Day 1811-7TuesdayScripture: Ezra 5Pray for: Your Sphere of Influence
Day 1911-8WednesdayScripture: Ezra 6Pray for: THE CITY
Day 2011-9ThursdayScripture: Ezra 7Pray for: Personal Spiritual Growth
Day 2111-10FridayScripture: Ezra 8Pray for: The Vision God has given the Church

Types Of Fasts

Complete Fast

• Drinking only liquids, typically water and/or light juices.
• Broth or soup may be included as options.

Selective Fast

• Removing certain elements from your diet.
• The Daniel Fast – abstaining from meat, sweets, or bread; drink water and juice, and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Partial Fast

• Abstaining from eating any type of food in the morning and afternoon.
• Fast during specific times of the day, e.g. 6AM-3PM, or from sunup to sundown.

Soul Fast

• Common for: anyone new to fasting food; those with health issues that prevent them from fasting food; those wanting to refocus specific areas of life that are out of balance.
• Suggestions: abstain from engaging in social media, shopping, watching television, etc.


How To Spend An Hour in Prayer

Are you able to pray for an extended time without running out of things to say or falling asleep? One way to overcome these obstacles is to learn to delight in different types of prayer and to devote time on a regular basis to fellowshipping with God in these unique ways.

How to Spend An Hour of Prayer